It doesn't need to cost the earth to get you business or organization an online presence.We offer very competitive rates that are based on your needs. Why pay for a huge package when all you need are a few pages!

We can help you set-up your website no matter how big or small, from a few pages to a full content management system or eCommerce solution.

Everybody has to start somewhere, and we're here to help and support small business get their foot on the internet ladder. We work with local schools, churches, charities and non-profit organizations to help improve their online exposure, sometimes working at cost price. At the end of the day, everyone needs support sometimes and it shouldn't cost the earth to get it.

What we do


We offer a web design service based on the WordPress CMS framework. We have worked with all the major CMS providers such as PHP Nuke, Mambo, Joomla but we have dedicated our design to WordPress because of its easy to use interface and its flexibility in design.

WordPress offers both the developer and the customer the ability to add custom design and content with ease. Its a open-source platform so its FREE so that helps to reduce the cost of getting your site online. All you need to pay for is making it look “Funky” and getting your content on there.

If your not looking for a CMS solution we also have extensive experience in HTML coding to produce static content that you never need to change or update.


Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

Why pay for something you don’t need?

You can rest assured we wont try to sell you something you’ll never use, many website design providers show flashy websites with loads of functions that you might never need nor want for your business.value

We specialist on making sure you get what you need and not everything we have to offer if you don’t need it. It’s your website we’re just helping you get it started…

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Responsive Design
Easy Knowledge Base
Free Web Tools & Applications
24/7 Tracked Support
Free Server Side Updates